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    Exclusive Interview

Well, here it is.  The long awaited interview with the band Augustana.  In this interview, we went to you, the fans, for your interview questions.  Thank you for all of your submissions!  And now, the answers to the questions you asked!

When are the band member's birthdays? 

Dan - September 10, Jared- September 28, South - April 12

Have you begun recording for your next CD, "Can't Love, Can't Hurt". We have heard that you were "hoping" to record in May/June...and we haven't heard anything about it in awhile. I'm wondering if maybe it's been postponed because of OAR's tour.  It would be great to get some info! I know many people are anticipating their next cd. (Especially since most of us have heard some GREAT new songs live).

We just started tracking at the beginning of September and are
finishing up the rest of the songs right now.  We've been playing
various versions of the new songs live and are excited to finally get
them out for people to hear!  We're hoping for it to be released early
next year, but until then, we'll be playing a lot of the new songs

How old is Eloise now, Dan?

Elloise will be a year old at the end of October!

Do you miss San Diego ?

San Diego's always so close. It's reassuring to be able to go down
there if we need to. However, it'd be really nice to have a good San
Diego burrito more often :)

Who keeps your instruments in tune?

Our guitar techs/friends are named Dave (Petti) and Dave
(Nardini).  They're good friends of ours and great guys to have out on
the road with us. You may have seen Petti's beard or muttonchops
dominating the stage before we play.

What did you think of touring with Goo Goo Dolls? Is it true that their bass player called you personally to tour with them?

The Goo Goo Dolls were really fun to be out on the road with
again. They took great care of us and were great to hang out with.
Actually, Johnny saw Dan at the grocery store and they needed an
opener, and he offered us the tour right there haha.

Where would you like to play the most? In what city?

We definitely would like to get over to some of the other
countries we haven't been to yet... Japan , Australia , Brazil ,
Philippines , France , Italy ... pretty much the whole world :)

What's your favorite X-Box game?

We are very big Halo fans, and Madden and Fight Night also are
big favorites around the bus.

What song would you want to remake/cover?

Probably something by Tom Petty or The Band.

Do you know when you will be headlining or Touring Europe?

We don't have formal plans to tour Europe yet, but we definitely
would love to... probably after this next record is released across
the pond!

We know that The Heartbreakers are a huge influence for at least
Dan and Jared, is it the same for the rest of the band or do they have
different musical influences?

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are definitely a big influence
for us... we also are very influenced by The Band, Led Zeppelin, Bob
Dylan, Wilco, The Beatles... great bands that have had long lasting
careers because of their quality songwriting over many, many, many

Have you ever stayed at Hotel Roosevelt?

We actually have stayed at Hotel Roosevelt, but it wasn't even
until a few months ago :)

How many tattoos do you guys have?

Everyone has quite a few tattoos, and I'm sure quite a few more
will be added before long.

Detroit Music Notes would like to thank all the members of Augustana for taking time out of their busy schedule to complete this interview.  As always, we wish you continued success